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Who We Are

The Peer Learning Programme is about small and diaspora organisations strengthening each other.

It is part of the ‘Common Ground Initiative’ which aims to support African development through UK-based small and diaspora organisations. As well as providing funding totalling over £20 million, the CGI aims to strengthen the capacity of small and diaspora organisations to become more effective and exert a greater influence over UK development debates and international development practice.

That is where the PLP comes in. We believe that sharing learning between peers is the best way to strengthen the capacity of small and diaspora organisations while respecting their identities, unique skills and commitment – things which often make them effective in reaching the poorest and most disadvantaged.

So the PLP aims to provide small and diaspora organisations with an opportunity to share experiences, good practice and learn from each other. INTRAC’s year-long support to CGI’s Peer Learning Programme includes facilitating workshops, action learning sets and benchmarking clubs, on topics of interest to peers, as well as creating relevant tools and providing an online hub for peers to share their experiences and resources.

INTRAC’s team is made up of Cornelius Murombedzi (Team Leader), Rick James (Team Member), Ajay Mehta (Team Member), Jan Knight (Team Member), Zoe Wilkinson (Team Member – Events), and Rachel Smith Phiri (Team Member – Project Management).

At Comic Relief,  Rupal Mistry (Programme Manager), as well as James Murray (Portfolio Manager), Georgina Awoonor-Gordon (Programme Manager), Isabel Newman (Programme Assistant) and Gemma Juma (CGI Policy and Programme Manager) work on the Common Ground Initiative.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the PLP, please get in touch with Rachel Smith Phiri at INTRAC.

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