Insights into Participatory Advocacy

Developing an advocacy strategy is a pressing, but often intimidating, priority for many small and diaspora organisations. Jenny Ross wrote these short PLP Guidelines to help your organisation get the most out of VSO’s excellent Participatory Advocacy Toolkit.

The guidelines include a suggested framwork for running a two-day advocacy planning workshop in your organisation. Jenny has run a couple of advocacy strategy workshops for PLP members, such as Equality Now, who gave the glowing feedback below.

So take the time to read the guidlines and you too might be able to use VSOs toolkit to develop a high-impact advocacy strategy!

Just what we needed… [the workshop] really helped us think through the activities, outcomes, indicators, risks and challenges on a complex proposal on FGM which was focusing on laws and its implementation. All the staff benefited including a staff member from our Nairobi office who joined us on skype.
(Efua Dorkenoo, Equality Now, 25/8/11)

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