Great Governance Workshop!

On 19th July the PLP held a great workshop on Governance for small and diaspora organisations. The workshop report captures all of the day’s discussions and sessions – do read it!

In the morning, around 30 participants – both staff and Board members – heard an overview from facilitator Brenda Lipson about the ‘what and why’ of governance, and discussed common governance dilemmas, such as: a Board that too involved in the details rather than taking strategic oversight, an inactive Board, or challenges in the Board-executive relationship.

In the afternoon, Brenda shared a case study and there were discussions about how to take concrete steps forward ‘toward a robust and dynamic governance’. Participants said:

‘ALL the sessions were useful. The case study in the afternoon articulated how to move and focus a Board on its objectives’

‘It helped me deepen my understanding of where we’ve come from and where we are going’

‘Group discussions were the most useful – we’re all charities of similar size and issues – so the context is relevant’

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