Action Learning Sets Get Underway

Action learning sets, a core element of the Peer Learning Programme (PLP), have kicked off in June 2011.

Action learning sets are a simple and powerful way for individuals to learn from each other. Action learning follows the process outlined in the diagram: explicitly stopping to reflect back on actions taken, drawing out learning from that reflection, and applying that learning to planned practice.

In the PLP, 4 groups of 3-6 people are meeting every 4-6 weeks to reflect on practical issues, with one further group meeting via skype. Participants take it in turns to present a significant challenge facing them in their day-to-day work. Set members help them work on the problem through supportive, but probing, questioning. It is not about giving advice or trying to provide answers. The focus is on learning from experience and putting it into action immediately. Some key features of an action learning set are:

• People challenge and support each other
• A climate of confidentiality and openness is created within the group
• People seek solutions to real work issues and use real experience
• People are encouraged to be explicit

Learn more by reading Action Learning Sets – an INTRAC guide

Some feedback as ALS’ kick off:

‘…It was a great introductory session in which I (and hopefully others) felt at ease.’

‘Yesterday was my first experience of ALS and I thought it was an excellent methodology for looking at the issues we face.’

We are looking forward to sharing more with you as action learning continues!

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